4 Mobile Casino Games You Should Try

With the increasing popularity of mobile devices like smart phones and tablets, it makes sense that the number of mobile games available should increase with them. In addition, if you can have ordinary fun on a mobile device, then why not take your love for the casino and the thrill of gambling to your smart phone as well? Now you can, and Mobile Casino Expert, the premier source for identifying the best mobile casinos, is here to help point you toward a potentially profitable, but always, a fun time.

Try Your Hand at Mega Fortune Mobile

One of the top ranked mobile casino games is the aptly named Mega Fortune Mobile. With innovative, creative game play, this app is a lot of fun. However, the extra features and mini-games are only the beginning. This mobile game has some of the most massive jackpots in the industry, easily surpassing the competition. If you are looking for a slots game with possible huge rewards, this is the one for you.

Square Off with Fisticuffs Mobile

If you like your slot games with a bit of whimsy and friendly competition, look into Fisticuffs Mobile. Under the theme of two classic gentlemen engaging in a bit of boxing, this game uses creative symbols and wild cards to bring about an excellent experience. Since it is fight themed, there are many random elements thrown in to give it a unique feel.

Go Classic with Mobile Blackjack Single Deck

If you would prefer something classic without a lot of fancy bells and whistles, then you should seriously consider the game Mobile Blackjack Single Deck. This is an excellent simulator for the lover of the classic game where your face off against the dealer himself, or herself as the occasion may be. Since the designers did not need to focus on creating any fancy side games or extra features, they were able to put their entire focus into making the game as close to real life as possible.

Get Ready to Laugh with South Park Mobile

Currently ranked at the top spot on www.mobilecasinoexpert.com, South Park Mobile has earned its excellent reputation. Old fans and newcomers alike can enjoy the snarky wit and comical expressions that the characters from the TV show sling around as they tumble through the slots. Not only that, but the game itself is masterfully designed, with exciting twists, great multipliers, and other neat features.

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